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Fatin is eighteen and she rules the world

End of chapter 2,

What is the most interesting thing ever? 
Yeap semester break! 

What is the most lazy thing ever?
Yeap it's a semester break!

Guys, im on it. What boredom do to me, bosan gila. Mana ada orang nak amik kerja sebulan lebih je tinggal ni haha. But I miss my girls alrdy. So next semester, I return kajang-cheras je as it takes 20 mins without jammed. Insyaallah everything gonna be fine.  Tapi sedih sikit lah part ni bcs tak stay serumah cam dulu ngan housemates. 

So end of semester 2 haritu, habis paper we're off to Port Dickson. Super daboom ok! Sbb tak pernah keluar ngan diorang camni hm complete semua alhamdulillah. There goes a few photos! 


Finals, 2nd chapter.

Im having no fun during these finals. And well, nobody ever does. 


Tadi aku main main dengan rambut. Papp satu tercabut. Amati betul betul rambut tu, kerinting dah tak sangat. Tapi wavy tu ada lah. Umm tengok lama lama lagi. Apa aku nak cari pun taktau lah kat sehelai rambut terputus dari kulit kepala tu. 

Stress kot seharian study hadap buku. Tengok, tengok lama lama. Tengok lagi.  Berdebar tiba tiba. Betul ke ni lah sehelai rambut yang dibahagi tujuh lepastu kita kena rentasi kalau nak ke syurga tu? Nipis sangat ni

Berat aku yang hampir 60kg ni tak termampu nak timbang kat sehelai rambut, ni kan pulak dibahagi 7? Wow, sangat wow. Berat sangat dosa aku agaknya. Ya allah, berat sangat dosa aku agaknya. Tapi, aku ulang dosa yang sama, ulang, doa, ulang, doa. Mujur Allah maha pemaaf. Tapi antara aku dan Allah, Dia je tahu betul ke Dia dah maafkan dosa aku. 

Pathetic. Kan? 

I love you, birthday boy

Nothing is more precious than this. Happy birthday the prince of my heart. I love you now and forever. 

6th March, the love of my life 's birthday. I love you now and forever, to infinity and beyond, to the moon and back, through black and white, through the worst and the best. I love you and only you. Happy birthday Amir, who can be my love my bro my heart my self my everything. Birthday boy, You are the reason why my heart still beating. You made me feel contented. And to my eyes, youre the best guy. Happy birthday happy birthday amir! ����

I wanna be w you forever. You stare on the other side, yet not blind to the another, thank you for being my other half for almost 5 meaningful years. And i still love you the way you are. Do i rlly sound like im overly attached to my own boyf? Hahaha it's his day. Let's make it real �� Happy birthday beruk maknyeh and thanks fr everything thanks fr what have we going thru together, thanks layankan je this annoying Fatin. Thanks terima i the way i am. I love you birthday boy. Who always there fr me, dari zaman gigi besi, dari zaman tudung kedepan, sampai lah sekarang. 

Happy birthday!!! ��������������


Been waiting fr the day where Im gonna change myself fr the better one fr the better life. 

But will I? I mean, can I? Will i still hv a time? And the definite question is, can I achieve that dream? When? Will em come true?

Always be in my Doa

Hv you ever wondered, what if the guy that we're hoping would be ours like forever but it won't be like how it should be? We are planning, Allah decide it. Sampai bila nak stress jadah? Maybe there's a guy yang lagi better that meant to be yours. Hv you ever tried Solat Istikharah? I want to, i really want to, tapi takut haih. I can't even motivate myself haha. Takut what if he is not what it should be? And am I rlly ready fr it? Cis the truth even damn hurt than lies sial lah. 

Bcos they judge


Welcome 2014

Hello bello, its been the ages since my last post. Hi regarding to my prev post, i was too curious to know abt what gonna happen in future. I was too takut nak move on the life as a part 2 student. No ah actually watlek watpis je doh. 

I feel my lost bila my gang cam tak sama kelas. But bit by bit ok je. Everything has changed. Somehow i miss how we were. I miss how close we were. I mean like, its their life so relaks lah kan. Everyone deserves to make a new friends. Like, takkan nak had tu je mesti nak jumpa true friends right. And i dont think this is the right way hmmmm for some reason, why not having lepak sesama sekejap without people yg never we lepak before. 

I dont mind lah i still have my Ena. Bcs she's the only one Ena. Alaa relaks lah bhai biasa ah tu. Oh my classmates aaaaaaarreeeeee thumbs up ���������� Really in love with hehehehehe life is so good hahahaha

2013 2013 2013 2013 2013

2013 will be end in just less than 4 days! Bye 2013 byeeee. 2013 has tought me everything. Abt the life i never had. I've been mature from day to day. Bit by bit. Ni bukan cliche answer ke apa its like nahh aku tak penah kerja seumur hidup aku then in 2013 i had my part time job (guardian) then i had a chance to enter 2 colleges at the same time and had a chance to get more friends from that two different places. However, my current college is the best. Not bcs of the course. I hate my course subjects. Its damn susah. But bcs of the friends. 

2013 also tought me to be faith in relationship. Never expect that im damn in love with the friendship with Sara that we hv been 2 years 11 months and 24 days. And daeng. Daeng is the best brother i have ever had. Thanks guys that made my 2013 more blink blink gitu. 

Amir. The same reason why i love every second of my life. Preciously. Amir and i inseparable. Not being bragging. But thats it. We hv been busy sangat since masuk belajar but still we re able to whatsapp at least once a day pun tak kisah asalkan jangan tak whatsapp haaa amik ko. Being 4 years with Amir is the precious time in 2013. 

When you know youre being adult, you act like that one. But im not. Im still not. 

Dak dak

How can i not happy?

Kalau lah

Amir is the best. Tak suka regret for knowing him. Never expect that we could be forever, just like this. The best of the best. I might be bad in relationship. I might be """"""""bad"""""""" due to the past. Kalau kita api, dia kena jadik air. So we are. Kalau aku teruk, dia kena sebaliknya. That's why. I love him gentle tak tipu i love him. 

This habit.

Ussually before tidur, Aku mesti/ wajib/ harus/ akan berangan dulu. Cam, berangan lah apa yang patut. Its like habit yknow. Since kecik lagi. Maybe its ridiculous but camtu ah cara nak tidur. Im not that kind of person yang boleh easily rasa ngantuk once i hit the sack. Kekadang cam berangan something yang will never happen. Cam, tetiba aku jadik retis ke. Tetiba aku jadik boss ke. Jadik anak tunggal ke ewah hehehe.

But tonight lain pulak cite dia. Aku try ah buat cam biasa but its not working ha ha. Maybe tak concentrate kot so i put semua bantal blanket bear bagai letak tutup satu badan. Cam takleh sebab keep terbayang kan masuk Sem 2 nanti. Aaaa tadi registration was going well. Rindu gak ah tapi malas nya cari cari jawan baru ni. Ok this may be bit harsh. Tapi im that kind of person yang malas nak buat kawan baru. Rasa cam taknak ada kawan lol. 

Yknow, aku takut ah nak masuk sem baru ni. Takde sorang pun aku kenal cam bila tengok list name tu ohmygod cane ni cane nak survive for 6 months?! Takde kak fini takde ena takde kak bi takde stone afiq and ak. Caneeee!! Risau sangat sampai takleh tidur. Sigh what a life. All the best aten ��

Vacation ��

Hiii! I went to Sabah with the family last week and ok lah best but pasar philiphine was damn crowdy. Lemas je. That annoying part of us was asyik lah amik gambar (as yknow kitorang adik beradik memang camni well yknow that dont you) hahah! I had so much fun really tak tipu. Here's some photos but ni baru kat phone. Kat camera lagi banyak but sape je nak tgk kan haha ok bye.                    

Why do people like you wujud?

By some reasons, you might get hated by someone you nvr expect would hate you. Bcs ive been there. In Islam, we all know that memutuskan silaturahim sesama manusia is the big sin. But there still some ppl never care abt the sins and such. Well bitch, yguys are getting old. Why dont you just mind yr own fckg business abd sit on yr tikar sejadah and do what you shld do. Instead of spread the untrue story abt us, and putuskan silaturahim. Well its good fr ya. I dont get it why sometimes ppl suddenly forget abt Allah when theyre abt to spread the fitnah the untrue story the ridiculous one, i dont get it. Fitnah lagi dosa dari membunuh. Lagi dosa dari berzina. Why dont you just kill us? Dosa kau pun lagi ok than this. Blurghhhhhh immature old woman.

Yay November ��

Hello November!! Result for semester 1 is fine, just alhamdulillah atleast it's above the 3 pointer eventho... Ok kita kena positive, biar positive datang hehe. So bye October. For me November ke October ke seems like sama je sebab lifeless punya pasal kan. And yes semester break is gonna be over soon!!! Boring nya kena belajar balik haih :(

Time machine

I miss everything abt us, trying to hold back my tears and it falls. I miss and i realize and i regret. You know when you realize that it was yr mistake you will regret and cry afterward and telling yrself i wont do that anymore but then you do that all over again. It was me. We confront , we confess, we regret, we cry, and I broke that heart again. Her heart was me, my heart was hers. How could i. I miss it when she missed me. And now, i want my life back.

You cant feel it

Do you ever thought of being someone you did not even like or did not even thought before? Bcos we cant expect life. This way of life is rlly not my way of life should be. To be left, to be hated, this is not my life should be. What did we do wrong? The less we respond, the more they hate us. Does it wrong to be quiet? Is it? Honestly, i hv no idea how can it be. The one that you used to treat like a family a big family, could ever betray you and talking bad abt you ohmygod i cant even. Mad bcs of the silly things? Uh blughh just so please that was a long years back how can they hahaha ohmygod where did they put their memory? Lolll. Mum once said, let them be. Talk what you fckn want and we are here going to shut up and never care abt what youre going to say and why you hate a lot no way bitches like who cares? Even the more people are on your side and they thought theyre on a good side while we on the bad side. Thats not what should be ok, Lets see!

Kena faham.

Jangan risau.

Kau buat orang.

Esok lusa
Orang buat kau.

Kau kene ingat
Dunia ni ibarat roda.

Matured enough

 Dah akil baligh kan kena ah matang sikit ehem.                                                                                                           


                  Make a wish bitch.     

Can we still?

To be honest, im not giving anyone a hope or any high expectation. I dont know if i do. Even if i know that it wouldnt happen on us, why do i still be with it? Why do i still walk with the flow? When i know that flow won't go to the aimed destination. Why should i? They keep remind me about one thing, they keep. And im still go on my own way. When things getting worst, I'll be the one who have to face it. I'll be the one to be blamed to. Sigh


Hello bitches!! Testing testing blog via phone haha yayy! Since cuti semester, he is the guy yang always be w me. Beli itu ini semua lah malas cite panjang haha. Love overload in the air!!! Xx

Hello Semester break Xxxxx

Hi I tengah Semester break for 6 weeks. Finally, Done with the Semester 1. Nak baca komik banyak banyak nak tengok movie banyak banyak nak makan banyak banyak, nak revenge for my odd times kat hostel. Hell yeah not to firget nak spend time banyak banyak lama lama w my loves my loves my loves. Sara Sara Sara Sara Daeng Amirsyah Dinamikians Acha Faizah Hajar Guardians' Aina Afiq Ak Stone Housemates and  many more. And forsho true love, Amir the only.

Assalamualaikum, should be the first i know right. Semester 1 tought me everything. May not be Everything, but still i learnt something that can be everything. Semester 1 is fun tho. My junior year, the times that unforgettable precious moments. To have the housemates that never failed to make me happy. To have the guy bestfriends that sticked to us. To have the bestfriends that 24/7 there fr me. We're inseparable (((Housemate and roomate and classmate and deskmate and soulmate) It's Aina. I wonder, how will be my life for this Semester 2. Maybe dah tak sama section, eventho still sama rumah and such but still the times dah tak sama. Wtvr, standard ah bukan lah apa sangat pun kan. Semester 1 susah. Diorang cakap masa first sem ni lah kena struggle, tapi susah tau tak? Uitm dah lah strict. Lagi strict dari Spm. Susah tau?

So hello semester 2! ((6 weeks after)) Adios Amigos!

Riang bersama \o/

To the right side we gooooooooo!

Wasn't my choice, it's a faith

Hello hello, I am currently at kampung halamanku, Perak. Yep tak pernah pernah update blog kat kampung ((Dapat wifi free)) lol hundred lol takperlu kot bagitau. Cuti Malaysia senin ni so cam enjoy sikit lah dapat extra cuti sehari. So yep last night lepak jumpa balik geng geng higschool. The best memories ever tau tak dapat se-highschool w diorang. Can i cry out loud? Sumpah rindu fr the all memories. Yknow what, campus life getting great bit by bit. Bcos im so into this! W kawan yang best giler pheww. Everyday nak main snoker boleh? Haha diorang ah ajar lol. Afiq, ak and ezy, that three guys yang always be there fr us lol be there ke? Cis sangat. Kak finie and Kakbi yang pandai gila nak mampus jealous sangat ok, that two senior girls sebab diorang je 20s. Oh Aina? Hahh takyah cakap 24/7 dengan I sebab we are so soulmate, saranghaeyo.. hahaha. I had so much fun izit? Even masuk kptm wasn't my choice, tapi hikmah tu hahhhh mantop!

I rlly gottago sebab boring. bye

kiss xx

Babaaaaaaaaaaaaaai babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai

It gonna takes a long time to post the new one okay?!? Muah love ya

Rindu memory card lama shoot

Sorry eh for those yang I tak reply whatsapp/ wechat/ or message. Bcos I changed my phone number and renew the old one but tak guna internet bcos that new simcard won't allow me to. Sorry au, anything text me je, no whatsapp or wechat ok? The reason why I changed it bukan frust cinta like anybody does lol hell no. Sebab phone hilang tertinggal kat taxi, due to my careless shit. 2 kali lak tu. Hebak ah mu. So hm sorry, bukan kerek taknak contact member lama au, pls faham no korang un takde. Okbye terima kasih sama sama muah xxxxxxxxx

Not nothing.

Aina ©


"Masa Universiti ni lah kita kenal siapa kawan siapa lawan. First thought tu tak penting bcos lepas semester 1, you'll see the true colour" -Anon

Which is makes rasa tak sabar nak lepas semester 1, junior year

Housemates, family.

Introducing you, the housemates. Bff is Aina. The one that always there fr me, especially when my phone hilang tertinggal kat taxi fr TWO TIMES. Careless gila, and Aina jugaaaak yang baik (Aceceh babe i know you'll be read this) First kenal housemates ni persepsi I macam macam about each of them. But yeh, Know them then only you can judge eh. They're fun, great, and there's no other word than Awesome housemates ever. Sem depan nak housemates mana? Well no way, perlu ke tukar housemates lol no ah ofcourse housemates yang sama. Angkat baldi full w air 2 tingkat berturut turut, rumah banjir, break fast, movies, baju sama, gwiyomi. We go through black and white sama sama, mana leh tukar tukar. Setakat tambahkan housemate pun tarak hal lah.

I am still that one kind of new housemate lah fr them, sebab dorang kenal each other awal bfore me. Yelah masuk college lain dulu memang ah lambat kenal ngan dorang. So luckily sebab each of us ada pandai each subject, cam leh ah tolong tolong. Eventho lain section. I don't know how dorang thought of me bila first masuk dulu sebab yeah bestfriends dorang keluar masuk matriks, I pulak gantikan tempat kawan dorang tu hm I don't know.

Maybe someday I'll find the hikmah.